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What Makes Polytex Yarn Superior?

The artificial turf industry has come a long way in the past fifty years, and when it comes to yarn research and development, Polytex products are cutting edge and technologically advanced. 

We’ve found three critical parameters that determine a yarn’s quality:

Raw Materials

Polymer Base:

Various polymers have been tested to find the best performing turf. In recent years the majority of fields have been made with Polyethylene-based yarn for many good reasons, such as the excellent UV stability of the yarn, heat and humidity stability, and good abrasion resistance while still feeling soft.


In modern artificial turf applications, yarn made out of LLDPE is utilized. LLDPE combines the improved performance of HDPE with the better processability of LDPE. However, one PE will not perfectly fit the needs of the application and the shape of each artificial turf yarn. Extensive scientific work needs to be performed to blend the right ingredients to create the best product from each yarn style. That’s why APT/Polytex relies on expert scientists to formulate each product.

Yarn Shape

The Yarn’s Shape Drives Performance and Aesthetics

Each possible yarn shape is unique. Rectangular yarns, for example, are great for covering up the infill, but when installed on sports fields can quickly get flattened down. Triangular yarns, with their wide blades, overcome some of these shortfalls. Additionally they cover the infill better.


Adding a Diamond shape to the yarn can greatly improve the re-spring properties and does not splice even after heavy use.


The Star shape combines the respring properties of the diamond shape with the wide blade of the triangle shape.


Testing Yarn Shape


In our labs, we have investigated the impact of shape on durability by all means of technology to identify the most durable, least splicing yarn.

Yarn Shape


We improved respring by designing a thick section with curved sides to increase resilience.

Manufacturing Process



State-of-the-Art Equipment – In order to produce the highest quality yarn we have made a significant investment in the best quality machinery. We take great pride in being the first in the country to run Dual Tone on one line.


Technical Expertise –Polytex employs polymer scientists to ensure we always stay on top of the latest developments in the industry.


Local Manufacturing – Our manufacturing site in Georgia enables us to be in close contact with our customers and enhances flexibility. A special color or even a distinctive style can be realized within a reasonable amount of time. Plus, please do not forget:


It takes a yarn made in the USA to create a turf made in the USA.

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