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Meaningful Sample Preparation for Realistic Test Results

Lisport TesterSince a field is always exposed to wear and weathering at the same time, both should be tested on the same sample. Therefore, our samples are exposed to sun simulation prior to testing their abrasion resistance.

Only realistic free pile heights of the turf/infill systems will deliver results relating to real life situations. Therefore, we always test at a free pile height of 0.8 inches. Every 5000 cycles, the misplaced infill will be refilled to maintain the free pile height of 0.8 inches.

Sunlight & UV Resistance

Polymers by themselves show only limited resistance against UV, heat, and sometimes humidity. In order to use polymers in long-term applications like sport fields, stabilizers must be added. A fundamental understanding of the product—its exposure, the desired lifetime, and potential negative interactions between components—is essential to the product’s durability. These factors must be approached scientifically.

Sun TestIn high performance turf fields, the yarn is exposed to infill materials. It has been proven that some of these infill materials interact with the yarn, especially with the added stabilizer, which results in the inferior performance of the yarn.

Polytex® USA’s stabilization package has been tested with a multitude of different kinds of infill materials. Doing such, we are able to prove that our yarn will not interact with any of these infill materials.

Sun Test:

UV/Sunlight Tests; Turf is always tested in contact with infill in order to evaluate possible interactions.

Wear Resistance

For several years we have been collecting data from a device called a Lisport Tester. In the turf market, this test has recently been accepted as the most meaningful testing method. Independent labs are using this testing method as well.

The Lisport Tester wears the sample by using a combination of rolling and sliding mechanisms on two cylindrical rolls. These two rolls are equipped with the same standardized studs that are used on sports shoes. The machine operates in cycles, and the quantity of cycles is a measure of wear.

We have successfully tested our yarn according to ASTM G154 and DIN 75220.

We back our UV stability with a warranty. Please contact us for further details.

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