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Polytex USA Launches New Yarn Generation Called Star

The new Star shaped yarn is optimized for abrasion resistance and offers an extra wide blade design.

CALHOUN, GA — April 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ —


The ability to make artificial turf look more natural while maintaining its performance and durability has always been a goal in the Synthetic Turf Industry. Polytex’s new Star shape design exhibits a width of 1.35 mm, a thickness of 315 Microns and maintains a denier of 1800 per strand.


“We at Polytex USA take great pride in our new US made Star design. The new Star shaped yarn combines aesthetics with performance to enhance the overall look of the turf,” says Axel Hinrichs, CEO of Polytex USA.


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Turfstore.com Inc. Enhancing Quality of Artificial Turf

A new coating line optimized towards artificial turf products has been installed in Calhoun, GA.

CALHOUN, GA — October 31, 2012 — Well in advance of next year’s field installation season, Polytex USA has launched its new, high-quality Polyurethane secondary backing coating line. The line has been specifically designed and engineered for artificial turf applications and aims to significantly improve the tuft bind properties within the turf products.

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