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Heat Island Effect…What Is It?

Cities and urban areas are 3 to 8°F warmer due to the “heat island effect.”


The heat island effect is caused mainly by construction and pavement, which is especially present in urban regions. The color and composition of the materials utilized affects the amount of absorbed solar radiation, and therefore the surface temperature. This temperature rise can be estimated using a measure called the solar reflectance index (SRI).


The SRI is used by the US Green Building Council and others to determine how hot a surface will get when exposed to full sun. The SRI varies from zero to 100 and is determined using ASTM E1980, “Standard Practice for Calculating Solar Reflectance Index of Horizontal and Low-Sloped Opaque Surfaces.”


Materials with the highest SRI are the coolest.


CoolPlus® Effect

Polytex® USA yarn with CoolPlus® pigments result in SRI values of 33 or higher!

A SRI Index of higher than 29 is the target.

Color SRI Value Standard
Fieldgreen CoolPlus®


ASTM E 1980


ASTM E 1980

During the day, the CoolPlus® Effect can result in a temperature reduction of 36°F or even more!

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