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Turfstore.com Inc. Enhancing Quality of Artificial Turf

A new coating line optimized towards artificial turf products has been installed in Calhoun, GA.

CALHOUN, GA — October 31, 2012 — Well in advance of next year’s field installation season, Polytex USA has launched its new, high-quality Polyurethane secondary backing coating line. The line has been specifically designed and engineered for artificial turf applications and aims to significantly improve the tuft bind properties within the turf products.

“With the improved tuft bind of our new coating line, we can now utilize the full potential of our yarn. This will enable our partner, Turfstore, to offer the most durable sports field products on the market today,” said Axel Hinrichs, Polytex USA CEO.

Turfstore.com and Polytex USA are both members of Sport Group and has become the first supplier of artificial turf to integrate all critical manufacturing steps at one facility. This will significantly shorten manufacturing lead times as well as give outstanding flexibility to react to any special requirements or developmental needs.

“The most important production steps for high performance turf are yarn manufacturing, tufting and coating. The addition of the new coating line gives us the ability to optimize these production steps,” said John Tidwell, President of Turfstore.com. “We will be able to enhance the quality level of turf products for our customers.”

About Turfstore.com Inc.

Turfstore.com is one of the oldest turf manufacturers and turf suppliers in the United States. TurfStore knows what it takes to make a satisfied customer – Quality, Service, Affordability, Consistency, and Innovation! With over 25 years of turf experience and over 90 years of manufacturing experience, Turfstore’s Senior Management is committed to providing all the components necessary to achieve the highest level of Customer Satisfaction. Combine the commitment of Senior Management with the utilization of the best high-speed precision tufting equipment available and Turfstore is capable of producing over 75,000,000 square feet of turf per year!

About Turfstore.com Inc.

Located in the heart of the capital for the artificial turf industry, Polytex USA is a leading manufacturer of superior yarn for artificial turf and secondary backing coating. Backed by German engineering and expertise, Polytex focuses on performance, quality and innovation to deliver best-in-class artificial yarn solutions.